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Menopause Doesn't Have to be Miserable!

When I was 50 years old I started getting hot flashes during the day. The hot flashes would continue throughout the night along with night sweats, and for the first time ever I had trouble sleeping. I was too tired to get my morning workouts done, which made me very frustrated, and I needed sleep to function.


Menopause doesn’t have to be horrific and mine was more annoying the first year. I'm a fan of natural remedies versus medication, and about a year into menopause I discovered Black Cohosh. A natural and vegan herb that has helped me a lot, reducing hot flashes and night sweats. Since I'm smaller, I take 2 of the recommended 3 herbs daily, one with lunch and one with dinner.


Many ladies struggle with menopause and there's a lot of negativity with the subject, but hot flashes and night sweats can be managed. You don’t have to gain weight or suffer from low energy. Positive thoughts, healthier foods, bodily movement, and surrounding yourself with a supportive community will help you feel better. Stay away from Facebook groups for menopause where women tend to complain and focus only on the negative. 


I turned 55 years old on November 11, 2022 and I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m postmenopausal, have tons of energy, my hair is thicker than ever, my skin is healthy and smooth. I'm thrilled that it's possible to feel so amazing at this stage of my life.


Here's my featured article about menopause in Women’s Day magazine from September 1, 2020. Enjoy the read and let me know if you have any questions I can answer.​



On May 3, 2023 I started in 46th place and I quickly moved to the top 5 where I remained for 5 weeks. I got as far up as 2nd place!


I'm so grateful for the tremendous support and votes I received from all over the world, from strangers, family, and friends, along with donations that resulted in double votes, and lots of shares on social media.


The competition included many rounds and I became aware that winning wasn't about the story or even the pictures, but instead it was heavily focused on donating to the Wounded Warriors in order to advance. This didn't feel authentic to me as I don't believe one should have to pay to win, but I stayed the course.


In the end I placed 4th! I had fun, received lots of visibility and we all did our best as a collective.

Thank you for your support!


I was Nominated to be on the Cover of
HERS Muscle & Fitness Magazine!

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I was an Executive Contributor to BRAINZ Swedish based global digital magazine focused on the topics of business, mindset, innovation, leadership, and lifestyle. This was an exciting  opportunity for me to reach more people worldwide and to share my passion and expertise as a Certified Nutritionist, Mindset Coach, Health & Fitness Expert.
I'm excited to have been selected to be featured in Brainz 500 Global list of 2020 along with some famous faces.

Click here to read all my articles in BRAINZ or click any one article below that resonates with you.

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Hire Me at Your Next In-Person or Virtual Event


Healthy & Happy Employees in the Workplace

Healthy employees are happier employees who use less sick time, are more productive, and have more energy. This translates to happy managers who spend less money on company health insurance, experience less turnover, and gain increased job performance from their employees.

At your company or during your company retreat, I can educate your employees about the importance of proper nutrition, consistent exercise and positive thinking. Let's discuss how a one hour informational meeting with Q&A can benefit your employees' health and mindset, where I speak about a particular nutrition, exercise, or mindset topic.  

Let me inspire your employees to become healthier, happier and more energetic! 

Join the LTLTE movement, Learn to Love to Exercise.



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