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Menopause Doesn't Have to be Miserable!

When I was 50 years old I started getting hot flashes and nite sweats. I had trouble sleeping, and I’d never had trouble sleeping before. The hot flashes would come and go and were annoying. With disrupted sleep, I was tired the next day, so I needed to sleep in and I had to skip my workouts. Skipping my workouts left me very frustrated.


However, menopause doesn’t have to be horrific and mine really isn’t. It was mostly annoying the first year. Overall my experience with menopause has been mostly good. About a year into menopause I discovered Black Cohosh and that has helped me a lot with reduced hot flashes and nite sweats. I take 2 of the recommended 3 daily, as I’m smaller. I take one herb with lunch and one with dinner. I like that Black Cohosh is natural and vegan too.


Many ladies struggle with menopause, but I feel there’s too much negativity around menopause. The hot flashes and nite sweats don’t have to be horrible. You don’t have to gain weight or suffer from low energy. There are natural parts of the menopause experience that we need to accept, but constantly complaining doesn’t help. However, that’s what most women do. They complain. There are tons of Facebook groups for menopause and women complain all day long. It’s super negative. What can help first and foremost is a shift in mindset!


I turned 53 years old on November 11, 2020 and I’m in the best shape of my life, have tons of energy, my hair is thicker than ever, my skin is nice, and I’m in full menopause. If I can feel amazing so can you!


Here's my featured article about menopause in Women’s Day magazine from September 1, 2020. Enjoy the read and let me know if you have any questions I can answer.​



I'm an Executive Contributor to BRAINZ Swedish based global digital magazine focused on the topics of business, mindset, innovation, leadership, and lifestyle. I’m super excited for this opportunity to reach more people worldwide and to share my passion and expertise as a Certified Nutritionist and a Health & Fitness Expert.
I'm excited to have been selected to be featured in Brainz 500 Global list of 2020 along with some famous faces.

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