Hear what some of my Amazing Clients have to Say.....
Jennifer Rich
Jennifer has lost almost 20 pounds and improved her cholesterol numbers by 26 points in THE NEW ME Online Academy. Jennifer's clothes used to be either too tight or they didn't fit. She didn't feel good about her body and she was constantly tired. Jennifer went from being intimidated in the gym to lifting weights regularly, she has lots more energy, is cooking more at home, and is setting a healthy example for her boyfriend and her two kids.
Maggie Sulser

Maggie dropped over 10 pounds in just 30 days in The Spring Ahead Challenge and since Maggie is concerned about her health and wellbeing she wanted to continue on in THE NEW ME Online Academy, where Maggie continues to lose weight. Maggie is very determined, willing to try anything, asks for help, has a positive attitude, and most importantly believe she CAN do anything! Clients like Maggie are super FUN to coach!

Dan Larsen
Dan lost 30 pounds in THE NEW ME Online Academy. At 5'8" Dan went from 200 to 170 pounds, a weight he hasn't been at since he was 20 years old! Dan stopped eating out multiple times per day, and instead learn to cook nutritious foods at home. Dan lowered his blood sugar to where he is no longer at risk for Diabetes, increased his energy, gained confidence, looks younger, and jumps higher when kitesurfing.
More Successes....

When this 54 year old lovely lady came to me she was struggling to lose weight, and she was barely eating, some days as low as 500 calories! She has lost 14 pounds with MORE food, while learning a lot about nutrition. She's drinking more water and less wine when just sitting home alone. She's exercising differently and more efficiently. She recently fit into a pair of pants that she last wore 17 YEARS ago and she's getting all kinds of compliments from her friends, and from her Dad. She worked on her health goals in addition to attending a University, working her job 30 hours per week, AND working on her own business!

After 6 months in THE NEW ME Online Academy, this lovely lady is down 50 pounds and on her way to a weight she hasn’t seen in over 20 years! Along with the weight loss 3 medications have been eliminated. She hated to exercise and now she LOVES to walk! She realized that changing her habits would change her life. She had tried many diets, but had never worked with a Coach before, and had never invested much time, money, or effort on herself. Even though she was filled with self-doubt and was afraid of failure, she was more frustrated with being exhausted, and it was time to make a sustainable lifestyle change!



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