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Balance, Moderation & Variety

There's no need to give up all your favorite foods! I teach my clients to enjoy foods & fluids with balance, in moderation, and having variety.

In my 55 years I have never meal prepped and you don't have to either!

You can easily and quickly prepare and cook healthy foods at home. As a Certified Nutritionist I teach you how to maximize your time, educate you on which groceries to buy, and how to cook simple and nutritious meals at home for yourself and your family.

Check out this quick video on foods I typically make and eat at home.



THE NEW ME Online Academy was formed to make YOU a Priority!
You deserve to feel and look amazing! You deserve to have energy and confidence when you pick out your new bikini. You deserve to get the “WOW” looks when you put on your little black dress and go out for the evening.

  • You CAN be happy with your body shape!

  • You CAN lose fat!

  • You CAN gain muscle and tone!

  • You CAN learn how to eat healthy to reach your goals!

  • You CAN overcome the feeling of being bloated!

  • You CAN escape the endless cycle of fads and diets!

  • You CAN avoid or greatly reduce the need for supplements and medications!

  • You CAN be confident and full of joy!

  • You CAN be more than happy with who you are!

IMG_3109 copy.jpg

If you're serious and committed about your health, ready to make an investment in yourself, and make a change, I'm here to help! Together we can co-create positive thoughts, you can feel sexy and live life to its fullest. It's time to prioritize you. Let's get to work!

Apply now! I want to get to know you, understand where you are, the obstacles you face, and where you want to go so we can get you on your way to the best version of you.


THE NEW ME Online Academy includes customized exercises, nutrition education, and inner work. You'll be supported and surrounded by a community of likeminded individuals. Together we'll co-create and you'll learn how to exercise and eat well for your goals and needs, and evolve as a person from the inside out so you can create a sustainable healthy lifestyle.


YOU can do this! I can help! Together we got this!


Here are the top 3 critical success factors:

1. SUSTAINABLE LIFE CHANGE - Your body chemistry is unique, so we work together to learn about your proper nutrition as we go. Rather than preset and restrictive "meal plans" I'll help you learn what to eat and why, leading to a sustainable lifestyle change. It also helps you establish the mindset you need to overcome challenges and make nutrition and exercise a normal part of your life. This is all about moderation, balance, and variety.


2. RELATABLE COACHING - THE NEW ME is all about YOU! It took a lot of education, research, experience, and mistakes to get where I am, but now I'm 55 and in the best shape of my life! Through relatable coaching, you get to skip the trial and error, the mistakes, the setbacks, and follow a much faster path to crushing your goals! I'm committed to coaching and mentoring women who want to have a fit body like mine. You'll work directly with me and I'm dedicated to helping you find strength, flexibility, happiness, confidence and energy. Life and our bodies change as we age and I can relate to the challenges of the middle age years, including menopause! 


3. ACCOUNTABILITY - Receiving accountability from someone who understands who you are, where you are, and where you want to go is essential. As your coach and mentor, I understand your needs and challenges, and I'll do my best to encourage you, share my experience, and celebrate your every victory along the way! We'll stay connected and if I don't hear from you, you'll hear from me. This is a co-creation. Expect a renewed confidence in who you are, increased energy, and a weight loss of an average 1-2 pounds per week.

Are you ready?

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