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Making YOU a Priority

THE NEW ME Online Academy was formed to make YOU a Priority!

You deserve to feel GREAT! You deserve to LOOK great! You deserve to have energy and confidence when you pick out your new bikini. You deserve to get the “WOW” looks when you put on the little black dress and go out for the evening.

  • You CAN be happy with your body shape!

  • You CAN lose fat!

  • You CAN gain muscle and tone!

  • You CAN learn how to eat healthy to reach your goals!

  • You CAN overcome the feeling of being bloated!

  • You CAN escape the endless cycle of fads and diets!

  • You CAN avoid or greatly reduce the need for pills and medications!

  • You CAN be confident and full of joy!

  • You CAN be more than happy with who you are!

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So I'm asking you:

  • Are you really READY?

  • Are you ready to DO THE WORK?

  • Are you ready to make the COMMITMENT?

  • Are you ready to INVEST IN YOURSELF?

  • Are you ready to make YOURSELF A PRIORITY?

If you're SERIOUS about your health and ready for a change, I'm ready to help! If you’re READY to feel sexy and live life to its fullest, I’m ready to help.

Apply now! I want to get to know you. I want to understand where you are, the obstacles you face, and where you want to go. We'll discover if you're REALLY READY for THE NEW ME Online Academy. 

And we'll get you on your way to the BEST version of you ever!

What makes THE NEW ME work so well? I'm glad you asked!


THE NEW ME Online Academy includes customized exercises, nutrition education, and mindset activities. You will get lots of support, accountability, and be surrounded by a community of likeminded individuals. Together we'll help you learn how to exercise and eat well for your goals. You'll learn how to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle, for the middle age years AND for the rest of your life. This is a life changer, and not a quick fix diet!


YOU can do this! I can help! 


Here are the top 3 critical success factors:

1. SUSTAINABLE LIFE CHANGE - Your body chemistry is unique, so we work together to learn about YOUR proper nutrition as we go. Rather than preset 'Meal Plans' I'll help YOU learn WHAT to eat and WHY you're eating it. This leads to a SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE change instead of a preset "diet." It also helps you establish the MINDSET you need to overcome the challenges and make nutrition and exercise a normal part of your life.


2. RELATABLE COACHING - THE NEW ME is all about YOU! It took A LOT of education, experience, and mistakes to get where I am, but now I'm 52 and in the BEST shape of my life! Through relatable coaching, you get to skip the trial and error, the mistakes, the setbacks, and follow a much faster path to crushing YOUR goals! I am committed to coaching women who want to have a fit body like mine. I'm dedicated to helping YOU find STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY, HAPPINESS, CONFIDENCE, and ENERGY! If you're in between 40 and 65 years old, life is very different. I KNOW - I'm living it! I get it, and I can relate to the challenges of the middle age years, including menopause! 


3. ACCOUNTABILITY - 3rd party accountability is critical. Getting accountability through someone who understands who you are, where you are, and where you want to go is essential. As your Coach AND accountability partner, I will understand your needs and challenges better than anyone else. I will be able to encourage you, share my experience, and CELEBRATE EVERY VICTORY along the way! We will stay in touch and connect every week. If I don't hear from you, you WILL hear from me. I care about your success as much as you do, and I'm here for you. Not another Coach. Not a computer. ME! As I have already told you, I'm in the BEST SHAPE of my life, and I won't rest until YOU are in the best shape of YOUR LIFE! We will work together. We will set YOUR goals. We will CRUSH your goals. For most clients, this includes a better attitude very quickly, renewed confidence in who you are, more energy through better nutrition, a steady increase in muscle mass, AND you will likely lose 1-2 pounds per week! 

Are YOU ready?

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