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Hi there, I’m Linda.

If you’ve be
en struggling to lose weight I have a fantastic experience that might be just what you need!


The 8 Week Health Experience!

The 8 Week Health Experience is designed for you to follow along at your own pace, and at the same time receive daily nutritional guidance and feedback from me on your food consumption.


There are no set times to attend anything. No calls or Zooms. No group and no interaction with anyone other than me. It's private.


There's training inside the online course that will help guide you and you'll have my support so it's a hybrid type of experience.

Here's what's included:

  • LTLTE customized Fitness App designed for your fitness goals, needs, limitations and experience

  • An online course with weekly trainings and instructions

  • Facebook Messenger for nutritional accountability and support

  • A variety of resources (guides and forms) to help develop awareness and bring clarity during this experience including nutritional, health, fitness, meditation, mindset, goals, tips, etc.

  • Mindset and Nutritional education, guidance and implementation

Check out what clients have been saying about it:

The 8 Week Health Experience is valued at over $10,000 and it's yours for only $1,666.



Linda Terjesen
Health & Life Coach
Certified Nutritionist
 - Learn to Love to Exercise

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